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Wednesday, July 12th, 2017
8:09 am - So, here I be.
My sister is sleeping now, so I am just surfing the web quietly. I don't want to miss break, so I am staying up.

I see the diabetic clinic Friday afternoon. And I think Leslie is doing Newfie bingo which I am going to play if she does bc that game is great. I think that though they are going clothes shopping today. IDK.

Sam out

current mood: tired

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7:43 am - So how are my lovelies today?
I am doing well. I see Angelique on Friday afternoon and that is pretty much the rest of the week for me, oh! And bowling in the morning.

This August, Coll and I will have known each other as college buds for 20 years. She graduated but I did not bc I was busy raising my sweet nephew for my foster sister who was and still is a degenerate party freak. I like to think I raised my little guy well... (Well he is 25 now) He is a bright, caring and sweet man. He does play a lot of WoW which he wanted me to play on his server, and I'm like "Mathew honey, I wouldn't know the first thing to do.. lol". If I had to do it all over again, I would choose maybe night courses?

Anyways, back to Coll & I. We are brainstorming what to do that day. (Aug 15th) and Coll needs more time to think about it and I guess I do too.

Val and I are journal freaks, I have this, an IJ and a wp. I am going to refrain from getting an LJ bc I don't need to be carted off to Russia and jailed or whatever. NO THANKS.

Did I tell you that I d/led the Sims1? For shits and giggles really, that game is ridiculous. I am getting the Sims2 for myself and the Sims4 for Justin.

Sam out

current mood: silly

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Tuesday, July 11th, 2017
5:48 pm - I have a DA account now..
 So, if you want to see my pix -- head over here. Anyways, today was one of those days where you just wanted to crawl under a rock and live there. *sighs deeply* 

I'm sure you saw the rant last post eh? Yeah. The tension in this house is so thick you can cut it with a fucking plastic Swiss Chalet knife! :o And that is cray.

Does anyone know how to put 3DS .mpo (the 3D photos) up? And where??

Sam out

current mood: aggravated

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12:10 pm - Shit
 Sharon is beginning to royally piss me off. She is always at my back. She thinks that she is superior to me. Just because I have no real family to complain to does not give her the fucking right to go up infront of everyone eating their lunch and point me out by saying that I don't know how to line up for food and exit to the dining area properly.

I have had enough shit thrown at me my entire life. I DON'T NEED ANYMORE SHIT THROWN AT ME ANYMORE. I have had enough of her shit. She called my sister a phony. MY SISTER ISN'T A GOD DAMNED PHONY. 

I am telling Dave (our homeowner) and Bruce (our field worker). THIS SHIT HAS TO STOP. NOW!!!!!!


current mood: infuriated

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8:50 am - A selfie... bc I'm bored....
I don't know about you but I take bad selfies. In poor lighting too. =D Here is one of my recent ones...

I'm in the quiet room. I'm trying my hardest to be patient with a d/l but it is taking it's sweet time. I know a person on IJ who loves Dean Winchester, two people who love Sammy and I am the only one (that I know so far) that likes Castiel.

That must be awkward, buying tp with your wings out in full glory? LOL

Sam out

current mood: sleepy

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5:16 am - I have this in my head...

Yepp. Back to waking up at shitty hours in the morning... hey! Maybe I will fall asleep at the dentists! Won't that be fun ladies and gentlemen? lol

I love this song...

I will probably play the Sims 2 today. I have every ep/stuff pack now. Even more than my PC version! o_O But I ain't complaining. Today for lunch we are having Jamaican beef patties and a garden salad which I turn into a caesar salad with copius amounts of dressing. XD

This is also a good song...

Sam out

current mood: good

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Monday, July 10th, 2017
6:28 pm - OMG!
My sister is the best. She traded in my old computer in for a newer model. I love her to bits! <3 ya [personal profile] smoakinghot !!

Anyways, I have a brand new site up, tell me what you think in this entry's comment section.

Colleen the staff is coming to look after us for the weekend but at the end of this year, Shar is retiring and Coll is taking over! =D I call my sister Kitten, bc she is so loveable and sweet. Grandma is here and she is singing weird things to me. LOL

Both Kitten and I both have dentist appts tomorrow at 2pm. I am not afraid of the dentists. One of them has the same surname as my own. Hunter. We might be related if she is Scottish. My birth mother's side comes from Broxburn and County Cork in Ireland, so Thora (her first name) and I could be related.

Sam out

current mood: happy
current music: Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride - Lilo and Stitch

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12:13 pm - IDGAF
Seriously, I love s1 layouts.... they bring out the feels. Right now I'm trying to digest my lunch... meat and cheese sandwiches with mustard and mayo *hurls a bit* Sorry but that is a bad combonation. :(

It' nice and cool in my room. Tomorrow both Coll & I see the dentist at two o'clock.

I hope Dave comes with the pin, so I can get some eShop cards, I want Conception 2, Pokemon X, Moon, and Alpha Sapphire.. and maybe that rpg maker thing... idk.

Sam out

current mood: tired
current music: Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride - Lilo & Stitch

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10:34 am - So, my computer is either going to be fixed or traded in. \o/
I am glad that something good will come of this. My mac isn't that old, it just needs a fresh installation of Lion.. that's it. Or we could trade it for a Dell. That would be awesome bc I still have all my sims2 discs and I can download Seasons and Open for Business easily.

I am hopefully getting paid today. Getting my trillium/gst check. :)

Sam out

current mood: hopeful

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Friday, July 7th, 2017
8:14 pm - OMFG!
You will never in a million years guess what happened! I got a hold of my very first HP fandom email! In case anyone wants to roleplay, I can register for an rping account on here and I'll use my email which is imaslytherinbrat (I love playing as Draco!) @ aim dot com. This is fantastic!!! But, you need to be sorted into a house first. I'm a first year Slytherin. :) Now I realize Draco isn't but idgaf... so now you know my owl mail address. *dances*

Sam out.

current mood: excited

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2:48 pm - Thank god for Royal Computers
Five days ago, I decided to install Linux after struggling with a faulty Windows install bc Justin wasn't sure that he could install the Sims4 on his machine... right, after partitioning my hd, I wiped both drives. So I am SOL until Monday. :( Lucky for me they might do for free for me. So no more fucking with the OS. The only two d/ls going on my mac are the Sims1 and 2. That's it.. and maybe a graphics programs.


current mood: annoyed
current music: Bobcaygeon - The Tragically Hip

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Thursday, July 6th, 2017
12:01 am - A short entry b4 bed...
I'm getting sleepy, so I will make this short and sweet. I tried to revive the old laptop (I have a late model macbook) and nothing... so, basically I'm screwed til Monday when Coll takes it to PC Corner, to get Amir to have a look-see. I might trade it in for a pc. Christ, this day just dragged by! Thank god, that Coll is grounded until Monday. I am this close to hulking out. :(

Sam out

current mood: frustrated

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Wednesday, July 5th, 2017
10:37 am - Addicted to food reviews...
Last night I spent a great chunk of time watching people eat and review food. There a few channels I follow, like The Report of The Week, Daym Drops, Canadian Studmuffin, and others like that. Anyhow, I just binge watched The Report of the Week last night... sooo I went to bed about 12am... I'm tired today, soo.. if I seem ornery just ignore it.

Sam your sleepy girl

current mood: amused
current music: Some 90's song...

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9:39 am - Oh hai thar..
When I get my new computer, I will do a bio sticky bc right now, I'm using my 3DS XL.

So today is turning out to be a good day despite me being a bit of a gloomy bear... I'll shake it off... I know it.

Next Monday Coll and Justin are going to attempt to trade in my old computer. Hopefully Chand will give them a good one. All I need it for is blogging, and playing the Sims2. I don't need an Alienware... I will settle for an HP or Acer/Asus. Anything really.

After break, I'm going to have a nap... I keep waking up at odd hours in the morning.... idk wtf that's all about.

Sam your great ball

current mood: gloomy
current music: Stayin' Alive - The BeeGees

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